System Status Notices

(displaying downtimes up to a year old)

AUG 03, 2014 - Unexpected system down on Sunday afternoon.   The system was down from approx 1PM (PDT) until 11PM (PDT) due to the database exceeding sizing thresholds that also caused email to be down.

APR 12, 2014 - Announced downtime required by our hosting service for an urgent hardware patch.   The system was down from 7AM (PDT) until 7:40AM (PDT).

MAR 15, 2014 - Unannounced 20 minutes downtime for some quick back-end changes.   The system was unavailable from 6:55AM (PDT) until 7:15AM (PDT).

FEB 06, 2014 - Unexpected downtime.  Lumzy had some sporadic availability this morning starting at 5:49AM and seems to have been resolved by 7:38AM PST. Our hosting service is reporting some core routing issues were the source of these outages this morning, and they have been able to resolve the situation.

JAN 28, 2014 - Unexpected downtime.  The system was down for approximately one hour this morning (from 10AM to 11AM PST). Our hosting service reported having an emergency maintenance involving point to point connections between sites that caused some servers to be offline.

OCT 08, 2013 - Unexpected downtime.  HTTP services were down from our service provider from 12:35AM (PST) until approx 1:00AM (PST).  The reported issue was isolated and required a restart of the MySQL database.

OCT 03, 2013 - Unexpected downtime.  Networking was down for our service provider from 6:20AM (PST) until approx 8:30AM (PST), which included the server running Lumzy.  The reported issue was due to a denial of service (DoS) attack that affected a large part of their network.   Lumzy was back up and running by 8:30AM (PST)

SEP 14, 2013 - The system will be down from 6AM to 9AM (PST) for maintenance

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