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  • Mar-15-2014
    • Support added for enterprise management of tokens
      • This feature now provides an enterprise with the ability to manage the distribution of tokens purchased by them.

    • Promotional codes now supported
      • Organizations having partnerships with Lumzy have been requesting the ability to provide discounts to theirs users for Lumzy tokens. We are now able to support this functionality.

  • Oct-30-2013
    • Feedback popup no longer wipes out typed in text when switching between types
      • The Feedback option used for reporting bugs, feature requests, and general feedback uses a different format, depending on the type of feedback. Switching between these types (i.e. bug report vs. feature request) was wiping out any text that had been entered. This now displays a warning and provides an option to copy your text before actually switching to another feedback type.

    • Additional icons added to both the Hand-drawn and Color icon stock
      • Both our hand-drawn and color icons were missing some standard icons used in applications (such as the alignment and layering icons). Both sets have now been expanded to include these and other icons our users have been requesting in order to complete the sets.

    • Multiline Button now supports click events over the entire button face
      • The Multiline Button was too difficult to click during simulation, as the text label of the button was not clickable and usually takes up the majority of the button's face. The entire surface is now clickable. It currently does not display an altered image when the user mouses over the button, but it is clickable.

    • Datagrid image now matches what is dragged to the page
      • The Datagrid image displayed during the dragging from the library was different than what showed up on the Design page once the component was placed on the page. These images now are in alignment.

  • Sep-25-2013
    • User access to the History function for restoring from our snapshot history table
      • Lumzy has, as one of its many features designed to help reduce any data loss, a feature whereby any projects that are currently open and being worked on by a user, get a backup of the current project on a periodic basis (currently this is every 30 minutes). If a user somehow messes up their project, and they have not made use of the Clone or Version features, our History feature was a way for the user to request assistance from our Admin to have an older snapshot restored. This release now provides the ability to restore from data currently in our snapshot History table, and puts it in the hands of the user (i.e. no Admin support is required).

    • Tokenized charging to help support Lumzy resources.
      • This release included changes to implement our "tokenized charging model", in order to help increase financial support for the Lumzy project. This includes support for continued use of Lumzy without forcing users to pay, while allowing those users that can afford to help out the project, more incentive to do so, in order for us to move the project forward.

  • Jul-07-2013
    • Image management feature has now been added
      • While we previously had support for uploading your own images, we did not have a complete image management solution in place to deleting images and archiving (i.e. temp remove from the list without actually deleting them).

  • Dec-31-2012
    • Admin tool and database updates
      • This release was primarily to resolve an issue with our Admin tool, related to our email functionality, as well as releasing some database performance enhancements. No customer visible changes were included in this release.

  • Jul-07-2012
    • Image management feature has now been added
      • While we previously had support for uploading your own images, we did not have a complete image management solution in place to deleting images and archiving (i.e. temp remove from the list without actually deleting them).

  • Jun-28-2012
    • Pasting (as in copy and paste) of a component inside a container component places it out of view.
      • When pasting a component inside a container component, the pasted component often didn't appear to have been pasted, when in reality it *was* pasted, but ended up inside the container component out of view. This has been resolved, and components now are pasted within the visible portion of the container.

    • When using any of the "Draw" components within a container component, the mouse pointer location is offset.
      • When using any of the "Draw" components (ex. Draw Rectangle, Draw Triangle), when you attempted to draw with the mouser cursor, the resulting component would begin drawing at a location offset from where you actually had the mouse cursor.

    • Master Page checkbox remains checked based on prior setting.
      • The checkbox that indicates whether a page is a master or not, was visually hanging on to the prior setting of whatever page was last viewed within the current session, making it unreliable to know what the actual underlying value of this setting was set to.

  • Jun-15-2012
    • Back-end cleanup of error messages
      • This release cleans up and eliminates a significant number of bogus "server communication errors" messages that have been part of the system from the beginning. Majority of these were completely bogus and due to other internal warnings that should not have been displaying any messaging to the UI.

  • Jun-05-2012
    • Admin Tool changes
      • Versions access now available to our Admins - prior to this our Admins only had access to the current "live" versions of projects.

  • Sep-20-2011
    • Admin tool - unable to locate certain users in the system
      • The Admin tool was failing to locate certain users in the system - specific user types were not correctly evaluating in the queries performed by our Admin tool.

    • Password update not working
      • When a user attempted to change their password, the new password was not being saved correctly.

  • Aug-30-2011
    • This release was focused on our back-end Admin interface for supporting Lumzy users.
      • The pagination of results was not correctly paging through the data.
        Search died after a couple of searches and would stop returning data.
        Searches needed to be optimized
        The filter criteria were not all working. Only a couple of drop downs were returning the data.
        The email panel would not pick up the data for the next pages.
        The size of the data set was fixed - this is now variable.

  • Jun-24-2011
    • The Shared Projects tab was read-only and didn't allow opening of projects
      • The Open Projects dialog window, which lists all your projects, contains a tab of Shared Projects. This tab was set up as a "read-only" listing of project that were shared with a user, and accessing a shared project required the user retain the link to the project. This tab now lets the user open the shared projects from within this tab display.

    • Users trying out Lumzy can now save their testing work when they register
      • When users were trying out Lumzy (before they registered), there was some confusion and users expected they'd be able to save their test projects without registering and creating an account. This has been modified and the interface now informs users that they must create an account, plus it actually will let the user register and then save that project they were working on.

    • Simulation displaying incorrect pages
      • Simulation was periodically displaying a different page than what was expected. This has now been resolved, and Simulation provides an experience consistent with the design layout.

    • Alerts containing special characters cause project to crash
      • Special characters, which are not supported in titles, were also not supported in the text of Alerts, which severely limited the information an Alert could contain. Alerts now support the use of single quotes, double quotes, and 'less than' characters, and 'greater than' characters.

    • Changing page order or names wasn't reflected in current session
      • Changing the name of a page, or changing the order of a page in a project, was not immediately reflected within the design mode and required saving the changes in order for these changes to display in the project. This has now been resolved and such changes are now immediately reflected in the design mode and in the dropdowns and other objects that include page names and page order.

    • Issues related to renaming tabs in a child Tab Navigator inside a parent Tab Navigator
      • The labels on tabs in a Tab Navigator object were not editing correctly when there was a Tab Navigator object within another Tab Navigator object. This issue has been resolved.

    • Edit area in an Annotation component is too small
      • Editing the text within an Annotation object was difficult because the area that had to be double-clicked was defined too small. This issue has now been resolved

    • Uploaded images not visible to others when a project is shared
      • When uploaded images were used as part of a project, and that project was shared with another user, those uploaded images were not visible to the shared user. This has now been resolved.

  • May-19-2011
    • Resolved issue with external viewer
      • Customers viewing a prototype via a provided URL would see blank pages if the prototype included container components.

    • Annotation controls can now use whatever number or alpha character you want as the identifier
      • When an Annotation control is placed on a page, it will default to a number, using an internal auto-incremented value, but you can modify this and make it whatever identifier you want. The first line of text in the Annotation specifies the identifier to be displayed: #2 would display a '2', #A would display an 'A'. These controls no longer auto-increment after they've been placed on your page - i.e. the auto-incrementing is during the initial placement of a new Annotation control from the library to your page. Once the control is on your page, the identifier becomes a static value

    • Dialog Window label too difficult to edit/change
      • The label edit region for the Dialog Window was very narrow, such that double-clicking on the label text itself would not trigger the text editing mode - this area has now been expanded so that double-clicking on the text itself will now allow editing of the label.

    • Container controls displaying frame handles offset from location of the container itself
      • When a prototype used a "container" control, the frame handles for any controls in the container, and for the container control itself, would show up in strange places and not around the control, making it challenging to know when a control was in focus and how to move or resize it - this has been resolved.

    • Child components getting stuck to left edge of parent container
      • In a very specific set of steps, it was possible for a component within a parent container, to get "glued" to the left edge of the parent container, to where the child component could not be moved or selected - this has been resolved.

    • Annotation component auto-increments during simulation
      • Annotation controls would auto-increment the label values during simulation - this has been resolved.

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