The Lumzy project has been offered completely free for the last several years, relying on donations and ads to support the costs associated with keeping such a tool available.   We are continuing in this vein by offering the tool under our very unique fair-value pricing and token payments model.

Fair-Value Pricing

The "fair-value" piece of this refers to asking a small and fair amount to help support this project in exchange for using the tool.   Our goal is to keep the tool available to everyone regardless of ability to pay.

Token Payments

Our payment model is unique, and is a token payment model, whereby you're only charged one token for 12 hours of popup-free access to the tool.   The per token charge is very small (see below), and provides you 12 hours of access without any of our popups asking for your help in supporting this project.

This is very different from the standard subscription models out there, where you end up paying for a month, regardless of how much you use the tool.   Instead, with our model - you only pay for the tool when you need to use it.

When you login to Lumzy, a token will automatically be deducted and used from your account (unless you're still within 12 hours of your last token usage).   This will provide you with 12 hours of popup-free access to the tool - you can still logout, and login throughout this 12 hour period without it costing you another token.

Example: Matt starts has 10 tokens in his account and logs into Lumzy at 8AM.   He now has use of the system for 12 hours, without any reminder popups asking for him to help support the Lumzy project.   Regardless of whether Matt uses the system for 1 hour, 3 hours, or the rest of the day, his token payment will conclude at 8PM that night (i.e. 12 hours from the time he first logged in and a token was deducted from his account - which now sits at 9 tokens).

If you ever want or need to check your token usage or how many remain in your account, simply click on the piggybank icon during one of your sessions.

If you still prefer to use the tool for free, you will be prompted with a reminder to help support the project through the purchase of tokens, or via a direct donation to the project, during your session.

How Much Does It Cost?

With our introductory pricing, tokens are just 26 cents each (when purchased in the larger bundle).

Current pricing packages include: our Starter pack (30 tokens for $10); our Basic pack (50 tokens for $15); and our Professional pack (95 tokens for $25).   We also have a Sampler pack available, where $5 gets you 10 tokens.

How Do I Purchase Tokens?

You purchase tokens from within the application itself.   Start by launching the Lumzy tool, and then in the main menubar you'll see the piggybank icon.
Clicking on the piggybank will display the current number of tokens in your account, along with a some other informaton on your usage.   You'll also see a button for purchasing more tokens - use this to make your original purchase, as well as additional token purchases.
So purchase some tokens today and help support this project for everyone to use!

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