Lumzy is a quick prototyping and mockup tool for software designers and developers. As a mockup tool, you can use it to create a rough sketch of how the final website or application will look. Prototyping extends this by adding events and actions to simulate a working version of your creation, where your client can interact and actually "use" the creation before you've wasted any time writing code.

Simple Drag 'n Drop

Create your prototypes or mockups by simply dragging components onto the canvas and off you go.

Powerful Simulation

Don't just create static illustrations (that would be a waste of your time). Instead, create rich simulations you and your customers can use interactively to really get a feel for how your product will work and flow - after all, isn't that why you're putting a prototype together in the first place?  Best of all, it's really simple!

With our Event triggers (ex. on-click, when changed, etc...), and extensive Actions (ex. go to a page, display an alert, etc...) you can build rich interactive prototypes that can closely emulate your software product.

Master Pages

Create a "master" page of components and layouts that will be used throughout your prototype (such as a header, a main menu, a footer, etc...), and reuse these on other pages by simply referencing this "master" page.

Any changes you make to the master are automatically reflected in any pages referencing it.

Extensive Component Library

Select from our extensive library of components consisting of pages of buttons, labels, various media objects, layouts, etc...

Share with your Customers

Provide your customers with a URL so they can run the interactive simulation.

Since it runs right in the browser, there's nothing for them to install or download.

Change Simulation Skins

Easily change the look of your prototype's simulation with the click of a button to switch between a sketchy look, a Windows® look, or a Mac®/Apple® look.

Design in one skin, and/or change to another whenever you want.


Create versions in order to be able to rollback or change to a prior version during your development.

Clone your favorite Project

Make complete copies of your favorite projects, either as backup copies (always a good idea), or to use as your starting point for next prototype.

Create a prototype of all the pages you use over and over, and clone this each time you start a new project to save you even more time.

Simple to Use

Our user-interface is simple and intuitive.

Drag a component to the page, set the properties, and your mockup is ready.

For a prototype, add simulation:
  • Click to set the trigger event.
  • A couple clicks to define the action.
It doesn't get any simpler!

Pay only when you use it

Forget about those subscriptions services where you pay every month, even when you only need to use it a couple times a month.

Check out our token-based payment model - each token gets you 12 hours of use, and our tokens are REALLY inexpensive (check the pricing page for the latest info).
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